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The Hottest New Figure in Publishing

The Hottest Figure in publishing


Adam Huber and Eric Enck's novel SNUFF was reviewed by FearZone. It is being dubbed the most disturbing piece of literature ever written.

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The Chronos Project: A Race Against Time by Marc Anthony Rios

Reviewed for Blu Phier Publishing by Krystal's Reviews.

The year is 2099 and while technology continues to grow and life is being lived on other planets, there is no War. Terrorists still exist and have begun to wreak havoc on the solar system. The Temporal Enforcement Division(TED) has devised a plan to genetically enhance four individuals with already special abilities.
The four new bloods Jennifer Rose was to recruit excelled in controlling their abilities and had no signs of being power hungry. The team was made up of Logan Summers who had hyperactive senses, Raven Alexandria the clairvoyant, Demona Kenmoor the psychic and psionic, and the most dangerous of all, Orion Pax he is resistant to physical injury.

After undergoing all the procedures to become Temporal Enforcement Cops (TEC) the group was sent on their first mission. The mission rattled even Orion at times. The bomb Blackthorne let loose was teleported through a wormhole and the group must find it before the bomb detonates. The only problem is trying to find which time era the bomb is in. The technology may be advanced but not so much that information is instantaneous; the wait could very well kill.
The team also has to be on watch for Blackthorne's genetically enhanced soldiers, they are more animal than man. One of Blackthorne's soldiers embodies each of the TEC's abilities as well as few more deadly weapons.

The Chronos Project is a sci-fi book that lovers of the genre will certainly enjoy. I thought the prologue as well as various parts of the book were too scientific for me to understand. Towards the middle, the action really started picking up and kept me turning the pages.

Mr. Rios is well ahead of his time. He is an excellent writer of futuristic fiction and I am sure one day a movie will be made out of this book. Well detailed characters and events ensures the reader a wild ride through the solar system. Mr. Rios is someone I am sure we will be reading more about in the future. 4 Hearts  

Review for NINA


I'll be honest -- after reading about the first fifty pages of this book, I was completely turned off.  The writing is beautiful; it was the plot line that was irritating me.  That said, as I continued to read, I completely fell in love with the story; I adored the three main characters--and their very differing perspectives towards life.

The story is that of Nina...a woman in a painting.  Yep, you read that right.  She is the painting, yet she is alive.  At least sort of.  Her creator wants desperately to have a child, but each pregnancy ends in a tragic miscarriage, so she paints the child she yearns for.  Rachel, the artist, paints Nina as she envisions her at different ages.  Eventually the pain of her sad and lonely life takes control, and Rachel ends her own life.  From here, Nina's painting is purchased by a young woman named Anna.  Eventually, Nina choses to reveal to Anna that she is alive, and eventually Nina realizes that she can step outside of her portrait, and into the real world.


Sounds hokey doesn't it?  That's what I was thinking as I read the beginning.  It was too far fetched, too...well, cheesy I guess, for my tastes.  However, what won me over was Nina herself.  Her gusto for life.  She is the type of person I try to be.  She stops to smell the flowers, she sees the good in people, she marvels at the beauty of nature.  She posesses a childlike enthusiasm for life that is actually quite endearing.

Nina's story is about experiencing the things life has to offer.  About living each day to the fullest.  About eating chocolate on your cheerios in the morning, just because you love chocolate.  About jumping off the bridge into the river, just because you can.  It's a beautifully tragic story and as you come to know the characters, you find yourself forgetting how unrealistic the plot truly is, and find yourself really connecting with the young women. 

The story is full of love and loss, friendship and evil...there's a little bit of everything thrown in, as Nina begins to see a wider spectrum of the things that life has to offer.

I loved it.  That's the easiest way to sum it up.  when it is released, get yourself a copy.




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Humanity's Edge is a vivid and thought-provoking collection of diverse stories exploring possible futures and the consequences for individuals and society.

Andrew G. McCann, Planet Magazine

Humanity's Edge is a vivid and thought-provoking collection of diverse stories exploring possible futures and the consequences for individuals and society. Written by a former member of the Meditation Club in Arlington, Texas.

Review by byzarium.com


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Book reviews on Barnesandnoble.com, including Andy McCann, a science fiction editor of planetmag.com,


Review by Rollye James, talk show host:


Please look at the following review of Humanitys Edge by Tamara Wilhite by Crystal Adkins of www.bookreviewsbycrystal.blogspot.com.

Humanity's Edge is a collection of thirteen Science Fiction short stories that will keep you thinking.

I am going to focus on my favorite story out of all the shorts in this book. It was called Double Trouble.

A young man just seventeen years old, visits a local lawyer to inquire how to sue his father. The young man believes he was subject to child endangerment and child abuse.

The lawyer noticed something not quite right about the young client. It seemed he suffered from Parkinson's; but he was only a child there was no way he could have an older person's disease. After assuring the young man he had no case until he became of the legal age, twenty-one, there was nothing that could be done.

When the young man revealed that he was cloned at birth that automatically got the greedy lawyers attention. Cloning was illegal and a large reward was offered for information regarding the lawbreakers. The lawyer convinced his client to let him use this information to prosecute the young man's father. The lawyer saw dollar signs at that moment hoping to use the reward money to pick up his slow practice.

The young man hoping to wreak revenge on his father, actually brought the punishment on himself as well. Because the lawyer planned on turning the young man in as well in hopes of a larger reward.

Ms. Wilhite's short stories are each different in their own way, but come together as one book beautifully.
The only faults I have are that a couple of the stories were too short for my taste, but had definite possibilities if they had went on for a few more pages. Also I referred to the above characters as young man and lawyer; there were no names given and I think that takes away from the story a bit.

Ms. Wilhite will keep you turning the pages with her out of this world writing style. Humanity's Edge receives 3 hearts.

Please look at the following review of True to Self by Tilisha Alexander by Crystal Adkins of www.bookreviewsbycrystal.blogspot.com.

Farrah had pretty much convinced herself that love was not meant for her. She knew that if the right man didn't come along soon that she would be a virgin for the rest of her life.

This novel True To Self takes you through a few bombed relationships of a young woman named Farrah. The boys all saw her as a prize, hoping to win her virginity.

Farrah first dated Raheem, who of which cheated on her five times because she would not go to bed with him. Then along came Brieson; she was smitten with him from the first time they spoke. Farrah just knew Brieson was, "The One." But when Brieson started acting strangely, her suspicions were confirmed; there was another woman.

Brieson told Farrah that he loved her but still had a relationship with Kathleen and that he just needed some time to think. Farrah knew it was all about sex and she just wasn't ready for that. Farrah just gave up hope of being with Brieson after she moved to Seattle to start her career, and met a new man named Chi.

Chi was everything Farrah ever wanted in a man. He made her forget all about Brieson. So much so that she willingly gave him her coveted virginity. Things were going wonderfully, he even moved in with him. Then one day out of the blue she receives a phone call from Brieson and those old feelings start to drift back.

Does true love ever find Farrah? Did she make the right choice in giving her innocence to Chi?

Ms. Alexander has captivated me with this heartfelt novel. It was well written as well as believable. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this story. One thing that did distract me was the curse words were not completely spelled out, instead the words would start then have blanks in the middle where the rest of the words were supposed to be.

With that aside, I give Ms. Alexander 4 hearts for winning my heart with True To Self.


Please read the following articles on The Reckoning by Eric Enck:



Read the following Reviews of The Reckoning by Eric Enck:

After much deliberating on a personal note. I've swallowed enough vampire movies and novels that perhaps by now, I should clearly be one. I'm no longer a fan per say, so many vampire books all follow the same line of facilitating a complex yarn but often bask in the light of boredom for me. Anne Rice was always a personal favorite. So was Stephen King's SALEM'S LOT which clearly put the genre in a whole new twist. Now we see movies of vampires and books such as Blade, Buffy The Vampire Slayer etc, all "sucking" off of each other for the vampire meets Ninja niche, and quite frankly I want to shove a stake through it. Vampire books no longer wow me, so when the boys and girls here at NEW WORLD REVIEWS gave me one, more or less as a joke, I decided what the hell? I'm a paid critic, let me do what I do best and trash this book- I had no hopes for it from the beginning, although the cover interested me enough to gander. A teddy bear lying in the corner of some dark place eviscerated with its fluffy insides spilling out saturated in blood is not the typical cover one would see for a vampire book. Usually it's always (like the stories) the same humdrum boring elements. Girl falls in love, vampire gets involved, old clich' go away...

I was wrong about this one.

Oh dear me, how wrong can one possibly be? I felt so accused by my own rational blurring that I had to mention the above. I read the book this past weekend. It's a short one, only 212 pages, and I have to say, THE RECKONING is a gruesome charge and packed with literary profoundness one would expect from the late and Great Richard Matheson (wasn't that Stephen King's predecessor?) In any case, after reading this book, which has the style elements of King and the visual elements of some sick twisted B movie I can only say, where has this author been?

It starts off in a town called Carper Falls, located in Maryland. On the first page you get a newspaper clipping describing in vivid detail about six murders and very brutal ones at that. A serial killer is roaming the streets, offing children mainly, some of them adults, but all in all the police as usual are dumbfounded. This is where it becomes really interesting, not only is the serial killer a woman (for a change) she also loves reading vampire books. The author reflects on her past, and for the first time since Salem's Lot, I've never been so disturbed. And then BAM! Here is another twist. This sick psycho that crepitates into this town, manages to actually murder a REAL vampire's daughter.

And boy oh boy is Daddy mad

So now you have something else in a book that isn't often found. No protagonist. On one hand you have a vicious killer, but you feel for her as well, the same way one could feel for Hannibal Lector I presume. On the other hand you have Dracula, a legendary monster trying to live a normal life in Suburban America, and now his daughter (mostly human) is murdered by a twisted killer, a victim that shouldn't have been. Serial Killer versus Vampire, a for once, unique concept. A book that has real bite, and the cold teeth of evil can be felt in this novel. The only marginal complaint that I had was that it wasn't long enough. In any case, Kudos to Mr. Enck for bringing to the horror markets a genuine and new frightening tale of terror in the Vampire genre. King did it with Salem's Lot.

Enck did it with The Reckoning.

Chad Wendell-New World Reviews




What a mind fu*k this book was...there were seriously parts of the book where I had to put it down and stop reading because it was making me feel ill...and other times where I was so repulsed that I wanted to throw the book across the room...or better yet, burn it.  Yet each time, I picked it back up...sort of like when you pass a car accident and you can't help but stare at the dead or bleeding bodies in the road...I was repulsed by parts of this book, yet I wanted to keep reading...

The story is that of Brenda Dejour, a strangely twisted, mentally unhealthy young college student.  Brenda's homelife has been far from ideal--her father is a raging mean alcoholic, whose number one passtime is beating and raping both his wife and his daughter.  As a result of the abuse, Brenda goes slightly crazy.

Brenda's home town of Carper Falls, Maryland is completely shocked by its recent events.  Normally a safe, small and quiet town, teenagers and children are suddenly being brutally killed.  The causes of death get more disturbing with each murder; bodies being drained of blood, body parts severed and eaten, its really rather gruesome.  The police and most of the townspeople are at a loss, and know little other than the name they've created for the murdering monster "The Violator."

The story, as I mentioned, is very gruesome and twisted...yet its an intoxicating one.  If you're anything like me you won't be able to walk away from it, until you are able to understand the whys, and feel there is some resolution to it all. 

The book is put out by a small publishing company, Bluphi'er Publishing, I actually would like to read more of Eric Enck's work.

Once my stomach has settled that is.

The Reckoning by Eric Enck reviewed for Blu Phier Publishing by Crystal Adkins of www.bookreviewsbycrystal.blogspot.com.

This is a bone chilling horror author that at times managed to make me sick at my stomach.
Brenda was pretty normal up until the day her father, John, kicked her mother, Sylvia, in the stomach causing a miscarriage. Then John walks into her room on a drunken night and rapes her, never even offering apologies. That is when the voices started in her head, commanding her to kill and drink the blood of the victims. It would protect her mother from the every day beatings of her good for nothing father, as well as help transform her into the vampire she fantasizes about.

The VIOLATOR was on a killing spree, murdering adults and children alike. One kill was just never enough it always wanted more. The blood of babies tasted especially sweet so when the Violator killed and ate little Billy; his blood was ecstasy.

But one day after numerous killings the Violator makes the worst mistake of its life. Killing an innocent girl with a vampire for a father; is not a good idea by any means. Especially when the vampire wants to seek revenge on the murderer of his only child. The Violator was trapped with no where to run and no one to help because the whole town of Carper Falls had died that night by the hands of a raging Vampire.

When Brenda thought she was getting closer to eternal life by each kill, she really had no idea how close she was living to death. Just right across the street.

Mr. Enck is an amazing story teller. This story was masterfully written and had each detail printed to the bone. I will never forget reading this book. It actually kept me awake at night thinking that this could actually happen. The Violator could be some kid right up the street from me. I have to award Mr. Enck 5 bloody hearts, because I loved this book. Also I'm afraid if I don't there's gonna be a man with scary silver eyes knocking on my door.

You can find Eric Enck on myspace at:


Please look at the following review of Nina by Liz DeJesus:

Liz DeJesus made her sparkling debut with Note to Self and followed up with a book of poetry - Poems to Use When Hiding from the Shadows. In NINA, a story told by an artist's creation inside a portrait, DeJesus shows yet again why she's one of the most imaginative and creative writers of today. I absolutely love the way DeJesus paints visuals with words - a sign of a true writer. NINA is a true literary gem.

Shelley Halima, author of Azucar Moreno and Los Morenos.

Childless and anxious to be a mother, a lonely artist paints a girl that lives only in her imagination.  In Nina, novelist Liz DeJesus delivers an inventive story narrated by a portrait a story that delves into the darkness of longing and the power we have to make our dreams come true.

Elaura Niles, author of Some Writers Deserve to Starve: 31 Brutal Truths about the Publishing Industry.

Nina is an enchanting novel, poles apart, superb and striking. The voice of mystery is up and running from the beginning. The story never let's go as it paint's a picture of love and anonymity. A fantasy like no other. What better to ask from an author of the genre? 

Eric Enck~ Author of The Reckoning

A story about love, women and a desire to see the world?A book about a painting made flesh...But Nina is running out of time. She can?t be in this world forever and a decision has to be made. With an uplifting ending, readers are left to expect a sequel to this touching story.

Teresa de la Caridad Doval ~ Author of A Girl Like Che Guevara


Please look at the following review of Precedent of Justice by Patrick Raley:

In a whole, Patrick Raley's debut novel to me seems like a cross between The Davinci Code and perhaps The Rainmaker. Although at the same time, there is no comparison. This book has its intriguing moments. I liked the protagonist, Charlie Pepper, as he searches for clues through his myriad of truth in finding fact. The author demonstrates a well-rounded and believably complex character. Although the book is very intriguing and often times shocking in the way the cases are built to adhere to each other, there are moments of disparity, that in the Editor's view of verbiage, and the common mistakes. Overall, well-sought out as a debut novel lead by very few, as Precedent fits in a class of it's own. What I most liked about this book was its viewpoints of subliminally making you wonder if our justice system is even fair with today's standards.
Nathan Curtis-New World Reviews  


See the following reviews for Sirat:  Through the Fires of Hell, by Tamara Wilhite:


Review by T.G.Reaper

Visually stunning. an amazing and sometimes terrifying look into the future of mankind.

The Archer is sent to settle a potential home for the human race. What they discover is a planet that is still in its youth. It has all the elements, but it is still in it's violent infancy. The captain named it Sirat, in spite of Earth religions. A meteor shower forces them to land, and what follows is an epic adventure filled with action, love, pain, and betrayal. The crew has to fight disasters, diseases, and death. After several generations of fighting, they create a new Sirat, only to have life threatened by another starship from Earth.

Tamara Wilhite has taken science fiction to a new level. She is an author to be on the look out for. I give this book five out of five bones.



While out searching for a new habitable planet, the space craft, the Archer saw a planet that had a few similarities to Earth. The only problem was from their view, they saw a planet covered in ice, as well as erupting volcanoes. The planet, now named Sirat is going to be the crew's new home due to the meteor shower that is supposed to last around 1 to 2 years rendering them helpless to leave the planet.

The crew cannot survive on the resources of the ship for that long, so they are forced to find a place to land and do their best to survive. Disease, unknown viruses, bacteria, plagues, and food shortage are all major downsides to being forced to land on this planet. Even the issue of child-support is mentioned as well as more population needed.

The Clans can marry more than one person at a time, but there are strict rules at times when it comes to joining a clan as Jensen will discover. And then there is the issue with nanites, they can be helpful at times but deadly in others. There are also mentions of DNA reconstruction with these nanites in order to help growing fetuses.

Sirat: Through The Fires Of Hell by Tamara Wilhite is a futuristic science fiction novel that is very well thought out, and well written. I admit at times I got confused because a name was used more than once for a different person(named after family members), but besides that it was a quick read. It is a very real possibility that if all of Earth's resources run out, we may need to seek another planet sometime in many many lifetimes away. If you're into science fiction, pick up a copy of Sirat, you will enjoy it. 4 Hearts

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