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The Hottest New Figure in Publishing

The Hottest Figure in publishing


Negro In Nam:  My Father's Tale (Book 1 of the Kaleidoscope)

By Michael L. Bernoudy, Jr.

$9.99 Paperback

$1.99  Ebook (Order on Kindle at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0074T1V80)

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Army Sgt. Michael Bernoudy has survived segregation, basic training, and the Viet Kong. After an ambush across the Cambodian border, his luck seems to finally have run out. After being seriously wounded, Michael awakens to a strange new world.

This new world is threatened by a merciless tyrant. Michael rigorously trains to fulfill a prophecy. He embarks on a quest to determine the fate of not only that world, but this one as well.

This book is filled with action, romance, horror, and a little bit of magic. The book also serves as the first book of the Kaleidoscope series.  This book greatly exceeds the classic version.  It contains illustrations and excerpts from all the books of the Kaleidoscope.  There are also a number of additions and changes to the original story that lead into the Kaleidoscope series.

Tales of Love and Woe

By Lawrence Strickland



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This book is a collection of two epic tales dealing with love, war, and betrayal.  Curse of The Woman is the story of two noble cousins coming of age in a time of war.  The cousins who were raised as close as brothers find themselves at odds over a woman.

Karma chronicles the adventures of a man who is cursed by the gods.  Through his adventures he finds and loses love in the strangest of places

The Journeys of Father KaReem 

By Lawrence Strickland

(Coming Soon)

Author Lawrence Strickland returns readers to the land of feuding kingdoms and warring gods he introduced us to in Tales of Love and Woe.  In his first full-length novel, Strickland chronicles the story of three childhood friends growing up in a stringent religious society.  These three youths are renown for finding trouble. 

When the troublesome boys become young men, they are commissione to map the world and deliver an important object in a mysterious box.  From the onsetof their journey peril strikes when the box is stolen by gypsies.  Now the young mn must recover what was stolen while completing their mission of mapping the world.  Little do thy know, but the fate fo the world hangs in the balance.  Strickland gives us another story of magic, mystery, and adventure, sure to be another classic.

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