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The Hottest New Figure in Publishing

The Hottest Figure in publishing

Science Fiction

Humanity's Edge:

By Tamara Wilhite



What makes one Human?  This is a question which had been pondered for centuries.  Author Tamara Wilhite has assembled a collection of short stories that make the Twilight Zone dull in comparison, to help the reader further ponder this question.

Set in mankind's future, Humanity's Edge is a precursor to bigger and better things to come.


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talented Science Fiction author.

The Chronos Project: A Race Against Time

By Marc Anthony Rios



In the year 2099, genetic engineering has reshaped the face of humanity while time travel allows the human race a glimpse into its past. The Temporal Enforcement Division of the Chronos Project is responsible for enforcing time travel laws and to that end it has further enhanced four individuals to serve as its new frontline unit.    

The units inception is preceded by escalating dangers from temporal criminals. Most notable is Blackthorne, the exiled leader of the predecessor to the Temporal Enforcement Division. Blackthorne has his own genetically engineered army and a plan to tear the Earth through environmental cataclysms.

This group of four superhumans must race against time to save the earth from Blackthorne's evil plans. Yet even their powers may not be enough to save the Earth from destruction.


By Adam Chesin



Indefinitely is the 500-year life story of an immortal.  Born a crack baby in present day Los Angeles he was left in a dumpster to die.  He is rescued and spends his childhood in and out of foster homes.  Slowly he learns that he never gets hurt or sick.  He goes from being a troubled teen to protecting and serving those around him. 

Journey with the immortal protagonist as he passes through the centuries in an ever changing world.  Follow him as he lives and loves forever hiding the secret of immorality. Indefinitely will leave you on the edge of your seat with action, drama, and spine tingling romance.  

Sirat: Through the Fires of Hell

By Tamara Wilhite



Sirat is the narrow path where travelers will find the fires of hell around them in their desperate flight to Paradise. From the moment the Archer crew were stranded on the violent, young world of Sirat, they were plagued by death, disease, and disasters. Over the generations, they reshaped Sirat and themselves in pursuit of paradise. The arrival of a new starship from Earth threatens to destroy the world they have created.


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