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The Hottest New Figure in Publishing

The Hottest Figure in publishing



The Reckoning

By Eric Enck



When a woman begins killing spree based on her obsessions with vampire fiction, little does she know her most recent victim is Dracula's daughter.

The Renegade


By Jane Timm Baxter



Vanessa White is a vampire on the prowl after her boyfriend who has faked his own death. She knows that his kind cannot die, for he is one the Elite, a race of immortals that even vampires don't believe in.

The Elite are the ancestors of human vampires, having created them by breeding with humans back when time began. Vanessa has always sought them out, believing in them since she became a vampire. Now that she has met one, she won't let him go without a fight.

She doesn't realize that Descher, another Elite, is also looking for her boyfriend, Jules. His purpose is different as he has been charged to destroy the renegade Elite. Jules has broken ancient laws by allowing his existence to be found out. It's a race to see who will find who first, and whether blood or passion will flow in the depths of the night.

Ghost of a Chance





Eric Enck brings us his third novel, full of horror and ghosts and evil dead things. Ryan Crawford mourns for the loss of his wife Zori, who has been dead for six years. All she ever wanted when she was alive was a child, but some women can't bare children. Something horrifying is about to change that. Zori, Ryan and four other friends confronted the New Jersey Devil in Orviston Pennsylvania years ago. Zori is given the gift of childbirth for confronting a horrifying evil, and then kills herself.

But the son she leaves behind is shrouded in mystery.

Enck brings a different kind of ghost story with a chilling theme; sometimes, we don't have a ghost of a chance in surviving.

Of Blood and the Moon


Jimmy D. Gillentine



Love is something that is not bound by normal parameters. Anyone who has ever been in love will acknowledge that it is something that is beyond human control. Who we are and whom we love are subject to no rules, and we see the effects that it can have in "Of Blood and the Moon"

When Angela Johnson started working at the bar, Aces High, the last thing she expected is to meet someone like Andrew Bane. Andrew is tall, strong, mysterious and handsome, so she couldn't help but fall in love with him. But when Andrew becomes the target of a local drug ringleader's hatred, it starts an unstoppable chain of events. The end result being Angela discovering who and what Andrew really is. Can her love survive the horrible truth of Andrew's secret? 



Eric Enck  and Adam Huber



Eric Enck, author of TELL ME YOUR NAME, THE RECKONING and GHOST OF A CHANCE and Adam Huber, Journalist for a top selling Newspaper bring you the ultimate horror novel.

When an out of work movie actor and a pornographer band together to create "Snuff" films, things look great. The money is rolling in, despite the death count. Both men begin a vicious killing spree in their films, as more and more people are demanding the best in bloody porn.

When the mafia becomes involved, things couldn't be better, until one of the victims turns out to have a father more disturbing than any killer out there. Soon, the tables are turned on the filmmakers as a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues.  This is a brutal novel. It's already being called one of the most disturbing efforts is literature and is being advised to come with a WARNING: label.



Snow Hill 


Joseph Mcgee


Blessed with a gift to solve murders, homicide detectives Rebecca Strong and Jack Stoughton are faced with their most troubling case: a string of killings that leave their victims mutually dead and grotesquely disfigured. This new case is bringing both horror and the realization that somewhere else, a hell full of monsters, death and secrets wait.

Kyle and Kennedy were ordinary high school sweethearts until one day their parents were murdered. Led to believe it has something to do with the Snow Hill Country Club for a payment left due. Kyle, with no one to stop him begins his own investigation into the grizzly murders of his parents, and it starts with the cryptic puzzles, symbolic pictures and a book hidden in a catacomb beneath the surface of the country club

The book of Necromancer, a book only thought to exist by legend is real and rumored to have been written by a demon centuries ago in six volumes and holds the key to travel through other worlds, including the pits of Hell and the Afterlife. A lone stranger who calls himself Daniel is the only person to know how to use the books and manipulation is part of his game.

"Darkness is a mask of many faces, look into the eyes, then you will know, the stranger who is not."

Darkness Springs

By Cassandra Lee



In the late 1970's, an almost 17-year-old Shelby McDonald and his parents head out on vacation to Banff, Alberta deep in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

Here, Shelby would meet an attractive young girl named Debbie Foster. A promise of a later meeting between them, Shelby ventures to the park's Hot Springs Cave on a day trip. He soon finds himself rethinking his dive into the cave's narrow, dark tunnel as claustrophobia overwhelms him. Something else is waiting though and Shelby soon discovers the cave's other reclusive inhabitant -  the Sulfanura - a nightmarish beast with razor sharp teeth. The teen is rescued from its clutches by Dallas Durning, a malacologist nearing a government funded tenure into the cave's other inhabitants the Banff Springs Snail. Dallas explains they're the only two ever to have seen the monster and that it's a peaceful inhabitant despite its looks.

Dallas would soon find he's wrong after being attacked.  The ultimate mystery is soon discovered that not all is what it seems in this riveting gory thriller from Cassandra Lee.         

Feminine Wiles

By John Grover



Think that women are the softer sex? Well think again! These women will prove you wrong—dead wrong.

Gathered in this volume are sixteen tales of ladies of darkness, women of horror, sisters of the night, witness as they turn the tables on their male counterparts with cunning, intelligence and beauty to blaze a hellish path through horror fiction.

From the fair maiden to the withered crone women have always had a place in supernatural and horror literature but never have they taken the spotlight as they do now. Read on as they prove that men aren’t the only villains to be reckoned with and that they can be every bit as lethal. Every story in this collection features a female villain in all her dark glory from the femme fatale to the wicked witch.

You will find no damsels in distress or dim-witted victims in this book-only seductive, cunning, savage and strong villains to make your nightmares sweeter than you could ever imagine. Will you go willingly when they summon, will you succumb when they seduce you, will you fall prey to their Feminine Wiles?


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