B   L  U  P  H  I  E  R      P  U  B  L  I  S  H  I  N  G
The Hottest New Figure in Publishing

The Hottest Figure in publishing


Blu Phi'er's roots are with the unpublished/unknown author.  Time and budget constraints won't allow us to publish all books submitted, but each year we will publish anthologies, including our yearly release of Legend of the Phi'er Lady: Volume I.

We are looking for new and creative stories to explain the origin of our logo, the woman with blue flaming hair.  There is no limit to the size of submissions and as always we are open to all genre.

Blu Phi'er will pay authors a flat fee of $80.00 for accepted submissions and futher will provide authors with 10 copies of the book upon publicaiton with further copies available to the author for a 55% discount off the cover price.

We also regret to inform you that previous anthologies listed to be released by the company have been abandoned.

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